Turbanizer online dating

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Here are some of the easiest and popular designs available.

The forehead wrap is the easiest style to make and it also adds glamor.

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A Turban or Dastar is a mandatory headgear for Sikhs.

The final knot lies at the base of the neck or above either ear with the hems tucked on the upper side to form a crown.

The triangle scarf is secured into place with a pin thus saving time.

Manjeet Singh ferozpuria is a Professional Turban Training Coach in Bhatinda Punjab. Free Turban Training Camp, Turban Tying Competition.

Turbans for men have been worn by people for centuries now.

Head wraps require large scarves that are square with a diagonal fold to form a triangle.

The triangular scarf broad side covers the whole nape of the neck and a knot to the forehead.

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