Rules for validating social security numbers

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Detect anomalous activity faster using flexible rule sets and predictive analyses that can help uncover potential fraud patterns.Streamline the process of managing and validating user access with governance software that automates user provisioning and helps you certify access to applications and data.During 2011, Oracle introduced the SPARC Super Cluster T4-4, a general-purpose, engineered system with Oracle Solaris that delivered record-breaking performance on a series of enterprise benchmarks.Oracle's SPARC-based systems are some of the most scalable, reliable, and secure products available today.Allow users to securely share files of any type, from any device, without installing client software.Control access risk and assess its financial impact using integrated technology that automates risk identification.

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Streamline the process of managing and validating user access to applications and data – in the cloud or on premise – with tools that help you manage access risk and roles, automate provisioning and user certifications, and streamline reviews of emergency access activity.

Reduce manual control efforts and eliminate false positives with exception-based monitoring controls and tracking functionality.

Accelerate your cross-border supply chain by automating and streamlining trade processes so you can control costs, reduce the risk of penalties and fines, and clear customs faster.

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