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Jay Lee, Interim Department Chair, Exercise and Sport Sciences PE 233 Wilson Complex (505) 426-2198 249 Douglas Hall, (505) 454-3013 Dr.

Eric Romero, Interim Department Chair, Languages and Culture 235 Douglas Hall, (505) 454-3009 Dr.

The department provides assistance with peer advising, academic and social workshops, accessibility (physical, mental, and emotional disability related issues) and testing services, retention and intervention, academic advisement and new student orientation.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION/HUMAN RESOURCES 108 Rodgers Hall Administration Building, (505) 454-3242 Concerns related to possible employee discrimination and sexual harassment should be directed to this office.

Gil Gallegos, Department Chair, Computer and Mathematical Sciences 292 Ivan Hilton Science Technology Building, (505) 454-3302 Dr.

Donna Woodford-Gormley, Department Chair, English and Philosophy 144 Douglas Hall, (505) 454-3414 Dr.

Seonsook Park, Interim Department Chair, Curriculum & Instruction 207 Rio Rancho Center (505) 591-6909 (Search is in Process for New Director) Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Field Experience 109 Teacher Education Center, (505) 454-3108 ACADEMIC SUPPORT Felix Martinez Building, (505) 454-3188 The Office of Academic Support offers an array of services with special emphasis on academic advisement.

The academic support staff is available to ensure you receive assistance in assessing your interests, skills and abilities and point you in the right direction to help get you through college.

Jeanie Flood, Director, Nursing 101 Engineering Building, (505) 454-3210 Dr.

Your instructors should cover the following topics on the first day of class.

If they don’t, ask them about:• required textbooks, If you get ahead of the game on the first day, chances are you’ll stay ahead – and finish ahead.

Strong roots sustain us throughout life and are the foundation for the future. Here at Highlands, we honor and respect the roots of all of our students and foster strong and tall branches. The faculty and staff of Highlands help make that happen by supporting you in your professional and personal endeavors and helping you develop important leadership skills to support whatever path you might take.

From roots grow branches, reaching outward and upward. We want our students to dream big dreams, set high goals, and achieve great and beautiful things. In some cases, we help you see life possibilities, new branches if you will, you have never considered nor thought about.

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