Invalidating someones experience

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Does he put both of his feet into the relationship? Does he text you, you reply, then not return your text?

If the one he left you for dumps his ass, or he finds himself being (heaven forbid) rejected by another woman, he’ll probably try it on with good ‘ole familiar you.But…women, especially Fallback Girls and assclown lovers are obsessed with the big question: Will he try to get in contact with me?Now like a lot of things in poor relationships, obsessing over the what if’s of this question is a reflection of the female trapping of suffering from Women Who Talk and Think Too Much syndrome and not seeing the wood for the trees.They like knowing that there is at least one woman out there that is foolish enough to keep taking them back even though they bring less and less to the table each time, and they don’t even muster up the energy to attempt to be sincere anymore!Remember, if we as women are afraid to be on our own, we have to entertain the very real possibility that there are men out there that also don’t like to be ‘alone’. You cannot spend your time trying to outthink these guys and pre-empt their moves.

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