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DENVER-A courtroom full of supporters wearing t-shirts that read, “QUEER AND TRANS LIVES R SACRED” and “SELF-DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME” was the location for the trial today of a Federal Heights teenager who was accused of “abusing a police officer.” On the evening of August 12, 2015 the teen was stopped by Federal Heights Police Officer Frank Turek as she was walking home.

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The creation of the Homeless LGTBQ Drop In Center is like creating a radical liberating zone of fellowship, love respect, and compassion where we demonstrate that in the context of human rights and dignity, in our relationship with God we are all equals.

Body cam video showed the teen being held over the hood of the car while handcuffed.

The girl is seen bent over as officers performed a body search at which time the girl testified that she wanted the search to be performed by a female officer.

The family of the girl over the course of 2015 has reported and documented to advocacy organizations and to repeated stalking by the Federal Heights Police Department, Thornton Police Department, and Denver Police Department, as have other families who have challenged police or have lawsuits pending against local police departments.

In testimony, the teen firmly confirmed that she backward kicked Turek while in handcuffs, but said while on the stand that she was attempting to distance the officer who was bashing her head onto the hood of the police car, “I felt my face was getting swollen.” Federal Heights Sergeant John Hess who later came upon the arresting scene testified that when he arrived, the girl lifted her head off of the hood of the car and that he pushed it back down.

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