Give me the name of all the datings

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Any corpse found within a glacier is usually crushed or torn to bits; for example, the body of what is thought to be a Swiss mercenary from the sixteenth century was fragmented over a 100 m, and its mass is filled with convection currents, faults, subduction zones and rocks.

How, then, could Similaun man have remained intact in situ for more than 5,000 years? ” These dates were produced independently at radiocarbon laboratories at the University of Uppsala (in Sweden) and Gif-sur-Yvette (Paris, France) respectively and at the request of the University of Innsbruck’s Botanical Institute.

Here the X-ray shows that the third, fourth, fifth and sixth ribs are broken and are somewhat out of position.

In this case there is no callus formation, no trace of the bones having healed, a fact which limits the time-frame in which the break happened to no more than two months before the Iceman’s death.” This would seem to rule out the possibility that Oetzi was still a juvenile at the time of his death.

Serial rib fractures occur mainly in people at risk of falling: they are diagnosed chiefly in drunks, sportsmen and mountaineers.

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Nevertheless, the issue has been seemingly resolved, once for all, with the simultaneous announcement that separate studies of the Ice Man’s mt DNA have established Oetzi’s origins as being distinctly European.

“We have no knowledge about the variability of the population from which he descended.

Especially the examination of small, sometimes locally and closely neighbouring Late Neolithic populations shows that there are remarkable differences of types.” Whilst it was thought possible to draw some tentative conclusions from the skeletal (and tissue) remains, it remained to be seen whether sufficient non-degraded chromosomal DNA could be retrieved from Oetzi’s body to establish a definitive genetic relationship with living European populations.

His retarded maturational development, on the other hand, should be of immense interest to creationists—many of whom hold to a belief in greater longevity in the recent past.

On September 19, 1991 two German hikers, Helmut and Erika Simon, stumbled upon the remains of a man in the Similaun Glacier near the border between Austria and Italy.

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