Dating web sites like myspace

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Till recently I thought it didn't, but the truth turns out to be more complicated. I first heard the phrase "Web 2.0" in the name of the Web 2.0 conference in 2004. And yet those who dislike the term are probably right, because if it means what I think it does, we don't need it.After all, Google Maps, the canonical Ajax application, was the result of a startup they bought.So ironically the original description of the Web 2.0 conference turned out to be partially right: web-based applications are a big component of Web 2.0. The Ajax boom didn't start till early 2005, when Google Maps appeared and the term "Ajax" was coined.2.And it's free, which means people actually read it.On the web, articles you have to pay for might as well not exist.The closest you'll get to Bubble valuations is Rupert Murdoch paying 0 million for Myspace. Ajax Does "Web 2.0" mean anything more than the name of a conference yet? When people say "Web 2.0" now, I have some idea what they mean.And the fact that I both despise the phrase and understand it is the surest proof that it has started to mean something.

I don't think there was any deliberate plan to suggest there was a new version of the web.

Whatever it meant, "the web as a platform" was at least not too constricting.

The story about "Web 2.0" meaning the web as a platform didn't live much past the first conference.

As you read this, a whole new generation of software is being written to take advantage of Ajax.

There hasn't been such a wave of new applications since microcomputers first appeared.

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