Consolidating itunes libraries into one

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Press Consolidate and i Tunes will begin the transfer: 7.) i Tunes will now begin copying all your i Tunes media files, regardless of their original location, to the new drive.

This is not an issue for a single Mac system, as the database files take up very little space.Click on i Tunes in the Finder Bar and select Preferences: 2.) Click on Advanced.We want to ensure that two options on this page are checked: Keep i Tunes Media Folder organized and Copy files to i Tunes Media folder when adding to library: 3.) We now need to change the i Tunes Media folder location to our external drive.The last reason is that if you are running a two Mac system – say a desktop and a laptop – having your i Tunes Library on a portable drive means that you can maintain only one Library and access it on both computers.In the following tutorial, we’ll show you how to move your i Tunes media content onto an external drive.

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