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Two new writers joined the writing staff, Larry Charles and Peter Mehlman, who would continue to write for the show in later seasons.Even though season two started out with poor ratings, bringing the season to a two-month hiatus, the rest of the season was positively received by critics and was nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards.While shopping with Elaine, Jerry buys an expensive suede jacket.Elaine convinces George and Jerry to meet her father, who has a reputation of being difficult and intimidating.When he goes there, Jerry forms a relationship with Marlene.After George tells him that he does not mind his dating Marlene, Jerry decides to pursue her.Meanwhile, Kramer and Jerry bet over whether or not Kramer will rebuild his apartment so that it has multiple levels.Kramer changes his mind and decides not to build levels, arguing that because he didn't attempt it, the bet was invalid.

And you can see Jason Alexander push George from "a blatant Woody Allen impression", as the actor acknowledges, into a more offensive and hyperactive neurotic." The season introduced several characters who returned later on the show.Commenting on the episode, Charles stated "You know, it would have been an interesting show, but [...] we couldn't solve the funny problem of it.It never seemed to quite be as funny as it should be and, because of that, the balance was off and the darkness kind of enveloped it, and it could never really emerge from that darkness and become what it should have been.Four million copies of the DVD were sold by the end of the year, making it one of the best-selling DVDs of all time.TV Guide ranked it as the sixth-greatest TV season ever made.

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