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And finally you need to make sure that you carry with you on your event some essential spares. Now as you can see, your pockets right now are pretty full.

So our advice would be to buy a little saddle bag and store all these handy things underneath your saddle. AND WE ARE KEEPING AN EYE ON A SYSTEM JUST TO OUR WEST, BECAUSE THAT MAY TRY TO THROW IN A FEW POP-UP SHOWERS FOR THIS EVENING.

Today I'll review the new lipsticks by Clio Makeup Shop, released about one month ago.

A lot of people messaged me asking if I had received them for free or if I had to buy them.

Now if you haven't already subscribed to the Global Cycle Network, you can do so for free by clicking on the globe, which is somewhere on the screen here, and for a couple more Sportive-related videos, how about clicking just down here for our Sportive tips for beginners, or just down here for our tips on enjoying your Sportive. BUT YOU' LL WANT TO REAPPLY AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. WE' LL GET INTO THAT PATTERN WHERE WE HAVE THE MORNING SUN AND AFTERNOON CLOUDS. AS YOU' RE MOVING DOWN TO THE SOUTH, ALL THAT HUMIDITY WE HAD YESTERDAY, THAT' S WHERE IT' S GOING TO STAY.

But before we actually fill it with these nutritional products, it's worth mentioning that it is very important on the side you place the food, because if you're right-handed, put it in the right-hand pocket, if you're left-handed, place your food in the left-hand pocket, because that is the pocket that you're gonna be reaching into the most during your ride.

And in relation to the amount of food you need, well that'll depend on the distance of the event itself, and also the availability of feed stations.

People should rather be on the sell side rather than the buy side I think we are looking at a steep correction in the next three months A viewer has asked a question about the relationship between mergers and acquisitions and stock prices M&A make the combined entity a stronger business entity but may not enhance shareholder value Hi guys! I'm very happy about these videos because I really have fun while filming them.

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